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Transverse Stress of Slabs due tp Longitudinal Prestressing in Prestressed Concrete Box Girders
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Transverse Stress of Slabs due tp Longitudinal Prestressing in Prestressed Concrete Box Girders
Yang, In-Hwan;
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For box girders in which the longitudinal tendon is profiled in the inclined webs, longitudinal prestressing force will induce transverse effects as well as longitudinal ones. In this paper, the method to estimate transverse effects induced by longitudinal prestressing is proposed. The concept of transverse equivalent loading which is calculated through longitudinal prestressing analysis is developed. The transverse stress in slabs of box girders due to longitudinal prestressing are investigated. The comparison of numerical results of the proposed method and those of folded plate method represents that the method is reasonable. Numerical analyses are carried out depending on the parameters such as web inclination and ratio of girder length to tendon eccentricity. Analysis results show that when only prestressing are considered the magnitude of transverse stress in slabs of box girder is not so large. However, if the other stresses due to dead and live load et al. are superposed on these stresses, it may be that the longitudinal prestressing effects are significant.
box girder;longitudinal prestressing;transverse stress;slabs;web inclination;
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