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Prediction of the Maximum Strain of Circular Concrete Columns Confined with Fiber Composites
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Prediction of the Maximum Strain of Circular Concrete Columns Confined with Fiber Composites
Lee, Jung-Yoon; Jeong, Hoon-Sik;
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Concrete columns confined with high-strength fiber composites can enhance its strength as well as maximum strain. In recent years, several equations have been developed to predict the behavior of the concrete columns confined with fiber composites. While the developed equations can predict the compressive strength of the confined columns with reasonable agreement, these equations are not successful in predicting the observed maximum strain of the columns. In this paper, a total of 61 test results is analysed to propose an equation to predict both compressive strength and maximum strain of concrete cylinders. The proposed equation takes into account the effects of confining pressure and cylinder size. Furthermore, in order to verify the proposed stress-strain curve for concrete cylinders, six cylindrical specimens were tested. Comparisons between the observed and calculated stress-strain curves of the tested cylinders showed reasonable agreement.碕悒瀀ꀏ會Āヨ⨀頊㪡ऀĀ᐀會Ā᐀䢘ヨ⨀》㪡Ā㰀會Ā㰀ꂘヨ⨀젋㪡Ā㈀會Ā㈀ヨ⨀Ā᐀會Ā᐀備ヨ⨀術Ā᐀會Ā᐀ꢙヨ⨀⁔Ā저會Ā저šヨ⨀ꢖ悒ऀĀ저會Ā저墚ヨ⨀ᣅ쾡ഀĀ저會Ā저낚ヨ⨀냅쾡Ā저會Ā저࢛ヨ⨀炀ᦰ؀Ā؀會Ā؀悛ヨ⨀ࢁᦰ㘀Ā切會Ā切뢛ヨ⨀႖悒Ā搀會Ā搀ႜヨ⨀룆抓Ā저會Ā저梜ヨ⨀僇抓Ā저會Ā저삜ヨ⨀塲얦ࠀĀࠀ會Āࠀᢝヨ⨀얦Ā저會Ā저炝ヨ⨀衳얦ሀĀ저會Ā저좝ヨ⨀抓瀀ꀏ會Ā₞ヨ⨀¦麩ĀĀĀ會ĀĀ碞ヨ⨀颦麩ĀĀĀ會ĀĀ킞ヨ⨀㾜ĀĀĀ會ĀĀ⢟ヨ⨀
carbon fiber sheet;confining pressure;reinforced concrete columns;compressive strength;maximum strain;
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