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Long-Term Effect of Chemical Environments on FRP Reinforcing Bar for Concrete Reinforcement
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Long-Term Effect of Chemical Environments on FRP Reinforcing Bar for Concrete Reinforcement
Park, Chan-Gi; Won, Jong-Pil; Yoo, Jung-Kil;
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The corrosion of steel reinforcing bar(re-bar) has been the major cause of the reinforced concrete deterioration. FRP(Fiber-reinforced polymer) reinforcing bar has emerged as one of the most promising and affordable solutions to the corrosion problems of steel reinforcement in structural concrete. However, FRP re-bar is pone to deteriorate due to other degradation mechanisms than those for steel. The high alkalinity of concrete, for instance, is a possible degradation source. Other potentially FRP re-bar aggressive environments are sea water, acid solution and fresh water/moisture. In this study long-term durability performance of FRP re-bar were evaluated. The mechanical and durability properties of two type of CFRP-, GFRP re-bar and one type of AFRP re-bar were investigated; the FRP re-bars were subjected to alkaline solution acid solution, salt solution and deionized water. The mechanical and durability properties were investigated by performing tensile, compressive and short beam tests. Experimental results confirmed the desirable resistance of FRP re-bar to aggressive chemical environment.
acid colution;alkaline;corrosion;deionized water;FRP re-bar;salt solution;
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