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A Study on Corrosion Resistance of the Reinforement in Concrete Using Blast-Furnace Slag Powder
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Corrosion Resistance of the Reinforement in Concrete Using Blast-Furnace Slag Powder
Kim Eun-Kyun; Kim Jin-Keun; Lee Dong-Hyuk; Kim Young-Ung; Kim Yong-Chul;
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This paper represents the permeability of chloride ions and the corrosion performance in the concrete blended with granulate blast furnace slag exposed to chloride environment. An ordinary cement (type I ) and sulfate resisting cement(type V) were used for the experiment. The two cements were combined with , , , and of the granulated blast furnace slag. The accelerated permeability tests of chloride ions were performed in accordance with ASTM C1202, and the accelerated corrosion tests of steel were carried out by using the method of immersion/drying cycles. After water curing 28 days, 56 days and 91 days, these tests were conducted until 30 cycles. In every cycle, test specimens were wetted in NaCl solution for three days and dried again in air for four days. As an experimental results, the diffusion coefficient of chloride ions of the ordinary cement Concrete Combined granulated blast furnace slag was much lower than that of non granulated blast furnace slag concrete. Moreover, the diffusion coefficient of chloride ions of sulfate resisting cement concrete was higher than that of ordinary cement concrete. On the basis of the results of accelerated corrosion tests, corrosion resistance of the concrete mixed with granulated blast furnace slag shows good to corrosion resistance, however, the concrete with sulfate resisting cement shows bad to corrosion resistance.
sulfate resisting cement;granulated blast furnace slag;diffusion;permeability tests of chloride ions;corrosion;
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