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Applicability of Epoxy Injection Method In Cracked RC Beams Considering Pre-Loading Conditions
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 Title & Authors
Applicability of Epoxy Injection Method In Cracked RC Beams Considering Pre-Loading Conditions
Hong Geon-Ho; Shin Yeong-Soo;
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The objective of this study was to investigate applicability of epoxy injection method to cracked RC beams and structural behavior of repaired RC beams considering pre-loading conditions. For this purpose, five test beams were fabricated under two experimental variables. The main variables of this experimental study were pre-loading conditions and repair methods. The two pre-loading conditions were selected as and of nominal strength and the repair methods were to repair the cracked RC beams under free loading after crack and sustained loading. The comparative study was executed to evaluate effects of pre-loading conditions on the structural behavior of the cracked RC beams after crack-repair. The strains of reinforcement and concrete and deflections of beams at each loading step were measured and evaluated. As the results of this study, repair methods have much influence on structural behavior of epoxy injected RC beams and epoxy injection method for cracks of RC structures is appeared to be efficient.
crack repair;epoxy;pre-loading condition;epoxy injection method;
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