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Experimental Studies on Creep of Concrete under Multiaxial Stresses
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Experimental Studies on Creep of Concrete under Multiaxial Stresses
Kwon Seung-Hee; Kim Sun-Young; Kim Jin-Keun; Lee Soo-Gon;
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It is difficult to analyze and predict the long-term behavior of concrete structures and members under multiaxial stresses because most of existing researches on creep of concrete were mainly concerned about uniaxial stress state. Therefore, the main objective of this paper is the investigation of creep properties of concrete under multiaxial stresses. This paper presents experimental study on creep of concrete under multiaxial compression. Twenty seven cubic specimens() for three concrete mixes were tested under uniaxial, biaxial, and triaxial stress states. Creep strains were measured in three directions of principal stresses. Poisson's ratio at the initial loading was obtained, as was Poisson's ratio due to creep stain and Poisson's ratio due to the combined creep strain and elastic strain. These Poisson's ratios were approximately equal for each concrete mix. The Poisson's ratio at the initial loading and the Poisson's ratio for the combined strain Increased slightly as the strength of the concrete increased. In addition, the volumetric creep strain and deviatoric creep strain were linearly proportional to volumetric stress and deviatoric stress, respectively.
multiaxial stress;creep;creep Poisson's ratio;experiments;
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