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Characterization of Rheology on the Multi-Ingredients Paste Systems Mixed with Mineral Admixtures
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 Title & Authors
Characterization of Rheology on the Multi-Ingredients Paste Systems Mixed with Mineral Admixtures
Park Tae-Hyo; Noh Myung-Hyun; Park Choon-Keun;
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The rheological properties of cement paste system mixed with mineral admixtures (MAs) used to increase the strength and improve durability and fluidity of concrete were investigated. And cement paste systems were designed as one-, two- and three-ingredients blended paste systems. The rheological properties of paste systems were assessed by Rotovisco RT 20 rheometer (Hakke inc.) having a cylindrical serrated spindle. The rheological properties of one-ingredient paste systems were improved with increasing the dosage of superplasticizer. For two-ingredients paste systems, as increasing the replacement ratio of blast furnace slag (BFS) and fly ash (FA), the yield stress and plastic viscosity were decreased compared with non-replacement. In the ordinary portland cement (OPC)-silica fume (SF) paste systems, in accordance with an increase in the replacement ratio of SF, the yield stress and plastic viscosity were increased steeply. For three-ingredients paste systems, both OPC-BFS-SF and OPC-FA-SF paste systems, the rheological properties were improved compared with the only replacement of SF. In the case of both two-and three-ingredients paste systems, the rheological properties using BFS were improved more than FA.
rheological parameter;fluidity;cement paste system;mineral admixture;superplasticizer;
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