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Finite Element Analysis of Transfer Length in Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Members
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Finite Element Analysis of Transfer Length in Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Members
Oh Byung-Hwan; Lim Si-Nae; Choi Young-Cheol;
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The transfer of prestress force in pretensioned prestressed concrete (PSC) members is of great concern because it affects directly the distribution of stress around the transfer zone. The design provision of current design code on the transfer length considers only the prestress intensity and the diameter of prestressing steels. However, other factors such as concrete compressive strength and concrete cover may affect greatly the transfer length. The purpose of the present paper is to explore the various factors that affect the transfer length in pretensioned PSC members. The bond stress-slip relation between prestressing steel and concrete was modeled first from experimental data and then this model was incorporated into the interface element. The interface element was used to perform the finite element analysis for pretensioned PSC members. The results indicate that the compressive strength and concrete cover are also very important parameters which affect the transfer length greatly. This means that the current design code, which considers only the effective prestress and diameter of prestressing steel, must be improved to take into account the other important variables of compressive strength and concrete cover. The present study allows more realistic analysis and design of pretensioned PSC members.
transfer length;pretensioned prestressed concrete member;bond-slip relationship;finite element analysis;compressive strength;
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