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Response Analysis of RC Bridge Piers due In Multiple Earthquakes
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 Title & Authors
Response Analysis of RC Bridge Piers due In Multiple Earthquakes
Lee Do-Hyung; Jeon Jong-Su; Park Tae-Hyo;
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In this paper, the effect of cumulative damage for reinforced concrete bridge piers subjected to both single and multiple earthquakes is investigated. For this purpose, selected are three set of accelerograms one of which represents the real successive input ground motions, recorded at the same station with three months time interval. The analytical predictions indicate that piers are in general subjected to a large number of inelastic cycles and increased ductility demand due to multiple earthquakes, and hence more damage in terms of stiffness degradation is expected to occur. In addition, displacement ductility demand demonstrates that inelastic seismic response of piers can significantly be affected by the applied input ground motion characteristics. Also evaluated is the effect of multiple earthquakes on the response with shear. Comparative studies between the cases with and without shear indicate that stiffness degradation and hence reduction in energy dissipation capacity of piers are pronounced due to the multiple earthquakes combined with shear. It is thus concluded that the effect of multiple earthquakes should be taken into account for the stability assessment of reinforced concrete bridge piers.
multiple earthquakes;reinforced concrete bridge pier;shear response;displacement ductility demand;
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시간종속요소를 이용한 5층 RC건축물의 비좌굴가새 보강에 대한 내진거동,신지욱;이기학;이도형;정성훈;

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