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Evaluation of Crack Control and Permeability of Hydrophilic PVA fiber Reinforced Cement Composite
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Crack Control and Permeability of Hydrophilic PVA fiber Reinforced Cement Composite
Won Jing-Pil; Hwang Keum-Sik; Park Chan-Gi; Park Hae-Geun;
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Plastic shrinkage crack occurs at the exposed surfaces of freshly placed concrete due to consolidation of the concrete mass and rapid evaporation of water from the surface. This so-called shrinkage crack is a major concern for concrete, especially for flat structures such as pavements, slabs for industrial factories and retaining walls. This study has been performed to obtain the plastic shrinkage and the permeability of hydrophilic poly vinyl alcohol(PVA) fiber reinforced mortar and concrete. Test results indicated that PVA fiber reinforced cement composite showed an ability to reduce the total crack area and the maximum crack width (as compared to plain and polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete). Also, according to the permeability test result, it was found that PVA fiber reinforced cement composite was more reducing than polypropylene fiber reinforced cement composite.
fiber reinforcement;permeability;PVA fiber;shrinkage crack;
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