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Compressive Strength and Chloride Permeability of High Strength Concrete according to the Variety of Mineral Admixtures
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Compressive Strength and Chloride Permeability of High Strength Concrete according to the Variety of Mineral Admixtures
Moon Han-Young; Kim Byoung-Kwon;
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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the ability to resist chloride ions penetration of the concrete structure under marine environment in south-east asia especially. In this study, high strength concrete(HSC) with various combination of ordinary portland cement(OPC), blast-furnace slag(SG) and silica fume(SF) are cured 23 and considering the site weather, and are cured in water for 3, 7 or 56 days respectively. And to investigate the fundamental properties and the resistance of chloride penetration of various HSC, setting time, slump flow, compressive strength, void and ASTM C 1202 test were conducted. Test results show that the compressive strength of HSC is similar regardless of SG replacement ratio and total charge passed of chloride is the smallest at replacement of SG. The compressive strength of G4FS HSC is, besides, outstandingly high at early age compare with other HSC, but the compressive strength of G4F HSC, which is vary according to curing temperature and condition, most high at the age after 7 days. Total passed charge of HSC get larger in the order G4FS
high strength concrete;mineral admixtures;curing conditions;ability to tesist chloride ions penetration;
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