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A Method on the Rapid Assessment of Resistance to Chloride Ion Penetration for Mortar and Concrete with Mineral Admixtures
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A Method on the Rapid Assessment of Resistance to Chloride Ion Penetration for Mortar and Concrete with Mineral Admixtures
Park Jung-Jun; Kim Sung-Wook; Koh Kyung-Taek; Lee Jong-Suk; Lee Jang-Hwa;
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In this study, ASTM C 1202 which is most commonly used for evaluating the penetration resistance into the concrete is reviewed. The test results by ASTM C 1202 showed that the passed charge could be underestimated as the ion concentration in the concrete is lowered when the concrete is mixed with the admixtures. Therefore, the modified method using the distilled water was proposed in the paper. According to the test results, the modified method is not susceptible to ion and temperature rise. In addition, the long term emersion test for the concrete mixed with the admixtures in the NaCl solution showed that the chloride diffusion coefficient tested by the modified method have higher correlation compared to the conventional ASTM method.
admixtures;chloride ion;charge passed;penetration;
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