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Behavior of Three Story Bearing Wall Structure under Lateral toad Reversals
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 Title & Authors
Behavior of Three Story Bearing Wall Structure under Lateral toad Reversals
Chang Kuk-Kwan; Oh Young-Hun; Kim Ki-Hyun;
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The purpose of this study is to investigate seismic performance of a bearing wall system for apartment buildings. An 1/3 scale three-story specimen was constructed and tested under cyclic lateral loads. The specimen was consisted of pierced walls and coupling elements as well as floor slabs. The bearing wall system is considered to have a adequate deformation capacity up to of roof drift ratio, and the experimental results showed the ductile load-deformation characteristics even though some walls were failed in shear Nonlinear analysis was peformed to compare the load-deformation curve obtained from the experimental program. The result of nonlinear analysis could be useful to predict the actual behavior characteristics of the bearing wall system subjected to lateral loads.
apartment buildings;bearing wall system;coupling elements deformation capacity;opening;nonlinear analysis;
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