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Diffusion of Chloride Ions in Limestone Powder Concrete
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 Title & Authors
Diffusion of Chloride Ions in Limestone Powder Concrete
Moon Han-Young; Jung Ho-Seop; Kim Jong-Pil;
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In this study, the diffusion of chloride ions in cement concrete made with and without the limestone powder was investigated. In order to study the effect of the limestone powder, all mixtures were prepared at a fixed water-cementitious ratio (0.45). From the experimental results, the setting time of limestone powder concrete is faster than that of control concrete, and compressive strength of all specimens decreased with increasing replacement ratio of limestone powders. The diffusion properties of limestone powder concretes indicated a trend increasing with curing period. LSA10 and LSA20 concretes, the diffusion coefficient was smaller than that of control concrete. The addition of limestone powder reduces the diffusion coefficient of chloride ions, irrespective of fineness levels of limestone powder.
limestone powder;setting time;diffusion coefficient;chloride ion;total passed charge;
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