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The Fractural-Mechanical Properties and Durability of Lightweight Concrete Using the Synthetic Lightweight Aggregate
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The Fractural-Mechanical Properties and Durability of Lightweight Concrete Using the Synthetic Lightweight Aggregate
Jo Byung-Wan; Park Seung-Kook; Park Jong-Bin; Daniel C. Jansen;
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Recycling of waste materials in the construction Industry is a useful method that can cope with an environment restriction of every country. In this study, synthetic lightweight aggregates are manufactured with recycled plastic and fly ash with 12 percent carbon. Nominal maximum-size aggregates of 9.5 mm were produced with fly ash contents of 0, 35, and by the total mass of the aggregate. An expanded clay lightweight aggregate and a normal-weight aggregate were used as comparison. Gradation, density, and absorption capacity are reported for the aggregates. Five batches of concrete were made with the different coarse aggregate types. Mechanical properties of the concrete were determined including density, compressive strength, elastic modulus, splitting tensile strength, fracture toughness, and fracture energy. Salt-scaling resistance, a concrete durability property, was also examined. Compressive and tensile strengths were lower for the synthetic aggregates; however, comparable fracture properties were obtained. Relatively low compressive modulus of elasticity was found for concretes with the synthetic lightweight aggregate, although high ductility was also obtained. As nv ash content of the synthetic lightweight aggregate increased, all properties of the concrete were improved. Excellent salt-scaling resistance was obtained with the synthetic lightweight aggregate containing 80 percent fly ash.
synthetic lightweight aggregate;fly ash;recycled plastic;mechanical property;fracture properties;
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역해석으로 도출된 경량콘크리트의 파괴에너지 특성 분석,이경배;권민호;서현수;김진섭;조재영;

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