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Influence of Carbonation for Chloride Diffusion in Concrete
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Influence of Carbonation for Chloride Diffusion in Concrete
Oh Byung-Hwan; Lee Sung-Kyu; Lee Myung-Kue; Jung Sang-Hwa;
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Corrosion of steel due to chloride attack is a major concern in reinforced concrete structures which are located in the marine environments. In this case, Fick's 2nd law has been used for the prediction of chloride diffusion related with service life of concrete structures. However, those studies were confined mostly to the single deterioration due to chloride only, although actual environment is rather of combined type. The purpose of the present study is, therefore, to explore the influences of carbonation to chloride attack in concrete structures and to investigate the validity of Fick's law to chloride attack combined carbonation. The test results indicate that the chloride ion profiles from Fick's law using the diffusion coefficient of immersion tests is not reflected the effect of separation of chloride ions in carbonation region but valid in sound region in case of combined action. On the other hand, the chloride ion profiles from Fick's law using the diffusion coefficient of Tang and Nilsson's method coincide with test results under dry-wet condition but not under combined condition. The results of present study may Imply that the new method for the measurement of diffusion coefficient is required to predict the chloride ion profiles in case of combined action at early.
chloride ion diffusion;carbonation;diffusion law;diffusion coefficient;
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