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Long-Term Behavior of Square CFT Columns under Concentric Load
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Long-Term Behavior of Square CFT Columns under Concentric Load
Kwon Seung-Hee; Kim Tae-Hwan; Lee Tae-Gyu; Kim Yun-Yong;
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This paper presents experimental and analytical studies on long-term behavior of square CFT columns under central axial loading. Two loading cases are considered; (1) the load applied only at the inner concrete of the column and (2) the load applied simultaneously on both the concrete and the steel tube. Four specimens of square CFT columns were tested under the two loading cases, and basic creep test for two concrete specimens was performed to find out the creep properties of the inner concrete. Three-dimensional finite element analysis models were established and verified with the experimental results. The verification shows that the prediction for the long-term behavior of actual square CFT columns is possible from the three dimensional finite element modeling considering the bond behavior between steel tube and inner concrete. Also, experimental results and numerical calculations revealed that the bond stress Induced by the confinement pressure as well as the slip between inner concrete and steel tube were increased with time In the first loading case. However, the confinement by the loading Plate was decreased with time while increasing confinement effect by the steel tube was observed over time. In contrast no confinement effects occur in the second loading case.
CFT column;long-term behavior;experiment;analysis;
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격막이 설치된 각형 CFT 기둥의 장기거동에 관한 연구,권승희;김태환;김윤용;김진근;

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