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Development for Penetrative Performance Improving Agent to In Prevent Deterioration of Concrete Structures
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 Title & Authors
Development for Penetrative Performance Improving Agent to In Prevent Deterioration of Concrete Structures
Ryu Gum-Sung; Koh Kyoung-Taek; Kim Sung-Wook; Kim Do-Gyeum;
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Recently, the deterioration of concrete structures have been increased by the damage from salt, carbonization, freezing & thawing and the others. Therefore, the measures for the deterioration of concretes have been taken. Among them, it has been often used that surface treatment which cut off the deterioration factors of durability by protecting the surface of concrete. The water proof and repair materials for concrete mainly use organic materials such as epoxy, these materials excel in intial bonding force and resistance to chemical agents. But they cause difference in the modulus of elasticity and the rate of shrinkage and expansion of concrete, and thus result in such problems as scaling and spatting in the progress of time. Therefore in this study it develop the performance Improving agent of concrete surface that can block a deterioration cause such as gas, chloride ion and water from the outside and enhance waterproofing ability by reinforcing the concrete surface when applying it to concrete structures.
Penetrative performance improving agent;waterproofing performance;deterioration-restraining performance;
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