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Axisymmetric Modeling of Dome Tendons in Nuclear Containment Building II. Verification through Numerical Examples
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Axisymmetric Modeling of Dome Tendons in Nuclear Containment Building II. Verification through Numerical Examples
Jeon Se-Jin;
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Axisymmetric modeling of the nuclear containment building has been often employed in practice to estimate structural behavior for the axisymmetric loadings, where the axisymmetric approximation is required for the actual non-axisymmetric tendon arrangements in the dome. In the preceding companion paper, some procedures are proposed for the domestic CANDU and KSNP type containments that can implement the actual 3-dimensional tendon stiffness and prestressing effect into the axisymmetric model. In this paper, the proposed schemes are verified through some numerical examples comparing the results of the actual 3-dimensional model with those of some axisymmetric models. The results of the proposed axisymmetric analyses show relatively good agreements with the actual structural behavior especially for the CANDU type. Also, it is shown that proper level of the prestressing in a hoop direction plays an important role to predict the actual prestressing effect in the axisymmetric dome modeling. Finally, correction factors are discussed that can revise some approximations introduced in the derivations.
nuclear containment building;dome;prestressing tendon;axisymmetric model;
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