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Durability of High-fluidity Polymer-Modified Mortar Using Redispersible Polymer Powder
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Durability of High-fluidity Polymer-Modified Mortar Using Redispersible Polymer Powder
Joo Myung-Ki; Lee Youn-Su; Youn Do-Yong; Jung In-Su;
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The effects of polymer-cement ratio and antifoamer content on the setting time and durability of high-fluidity polymer-modified mortars using redispersible polymer powder are examined. As the result, the setting time of the polymer-modified mortars using redispersible polymer powder tends to be delayed with increasing polymer-cement ratio, regardless of the antifoamer content. The water absorption, chloride ion penetration depth and carbonation depth of the high-fluidity polymer-modified mortars using redispersible polymer powder decrease with increasing polymer-cement ratio and antifoamer content. The resistance of freezing and thawing and chemicals improvement is attributed to the improved bond between cement hydrates and aggregates because of the incorporation of redispersible polymer powder
high-fluidity polymer-modified mortar;anifoamer content;water absorptiion;chloride ion penetration dephth;freezing and thawing resistance;
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