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Aseismatic Performance Analysis of Circular RC Bridge Piers II. Suggestion for Transverse Steel Ratio
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 Title & Authors
Aseismatic Performance Analysis of Circular RC Bridge Piers II. Suggestion for Transverse Steel Ratio
Park Chang-Kyu; Lee Dae-Hyoung; Lee Beom-Gi; Chung Young-Soo;
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In this research, major design factors have been evaluated for the establishment of the rational seismic design code of circular RC(reinforced concrete) bridge pier Previous experimental researches have drawn a conclusion that transverse confinement reinforcements have been excessively used for RC bridge piers in Korea. Thus, the objective of this study is to propose a rational design equation for transverse reinforcements of RC bridge piers in Korea which would be classified as a low or moderate seismic region. Newly proposed equation further considers the effect of the axial force ratio and the longitudinal steel ratio. Minimum transverse confinement steel ratio is also proposed to avoid probable buckling of the longitudinal reinforcing steels subjected to relatively low axial force. It is thought that these new codes seem to alleviate the rebar congestion in the plastic hinge region of RC bridge piers which contribute to the enhancement of constructibility and economization for RC bridge construction
circular RC bridge pier;confinement steel ratio;axial force ratio;longitudinal steel ratio;
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