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Estimation of Concrete Strength Using Improved Probabilistic Neural Network Method
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 Title & Authors
Estimation of Concrete Strength Using Improved Probabilistic Neural Network Method
Kim Doo-Kie; Lee Jong-Jae; Chang Seong-Kyu;
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The compressive strength of concrete is commonly used criterion in producing concrete. However, the tests on the compressive strength are complicated and time-consuming. More importantly, it is too late to make improvement even if the test result does not satisfy the required strength, since the test is usually performed at the 28th day after the placement of concrete at the construction site. Therefore, accurate and realistic strength estimation before the placement of concrete is being highly required. In this study, the estimation of the compressive strength of concrete was performed by probabilistic neural network(PNN) on the basis of concrete mix proportions. The estimation performance of PNN was improved by considering the correlation between input data and targeted output value. Improved probabilistic neural network was proposed to automatically calculate the smoothing parameter in the conventional PNN by using the scheme of dynamic decay adjustment (DDA) algorithm. The conventional PNN and the PNN with DDA algorithm(IPNN) were applied to predict the compressive strength of concrete using actual test data of two concrete companies. IPNN showed better results than the conventional PNN in predicting the compressive strength of concrete.
concrete compressive strength;strength prediction;correlation;dynamic decay adjustment algorithm(DDA);probabilistic neural network(PNN);
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