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Numerical Modeling of Heat Transfer in Reinforced Concrete Columns Exposed to Fire
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Numerical Modeling of Heat Transfer in Reinforced Concrete Columns Exposed to Fire
Lee Chadon; Shin Yeong-Soo; Lee Seung-Whan; Lee Chang-Eun;
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Reinforced concrete columns exposed to fire experience severe deterioration in material properties and subsequent structural capacities. Degree of losses in structural capacity of a column due to fire-damage mainly depends on the amount of heat transferred into the column during the fire. A reasonable heat transfer model of fire-damaged reinforced concrete column needs to take into account the heat-dependent nonlinear properties of heat conductivity and heat capacity of concrete as well as the evaporation of moistures in a section during the fire. Compared to the previously suggested models, the developed model in this study has included all these parameters in its numerical expressions based on explicit finite difference method. The developed model could predict the temperature changes with a reasonable accuracy for the columns exposed to fire.
fire;heat transfer;numerical modeling;reinforced concrete columns;
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