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Strain-Based Shear Strength Model for fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams
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 Title & Authors
Strain-Based Shear Strength Model for fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams
Choi Kyoung-Kyu; Park Hong-Gun; Wight James K.;
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A theoretical study was performed to investigate the behavioral chracteristics and shear strength of fiber reinforced concrete slender beams. In the fiber reinforced concrete beam, the shear force applied to a cross section of the beam was resisted by both compressive zone and tensile zone. The shear capacity of the compressive zone was defined addressing the interaction with the normal stresses developed by the flexural moment in the cross section. The shear capacity of the tensile zone was defined addressing the post-cracking tensile strength of fiber reinforced concrete. Since the magnitude and distribution of the normal stresses vary according to the flexural deformation of the beam, the shear capacity of the beam was defined as a function of the flexural deformation of the beam. The shear strength of the beam and the location of the critical section were determined at the intersection between the shear capacity and shear demand curves. The proposed method was developed as a unified shear design method which is applicable to conventional reinforced concrete as well as fiber reinforced concrete.
shear design;shear strength;fiber reinforced concrete;deformation;failure criteria;
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