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Shear Behavior of Large Prestressed Concrete Beams Cast with High Strength Concrete and the Effect of Draped Tendon on their Shear Behavior
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 Title & Authors
Shear Behavior of Large Prestressed Concrete Beams Cast with High Strength Concrete and the Effect of Draped Tendon on their Shear Behavior
Kim Kang-Su;
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This paper presented four shear test results from experimental tests of two large prestressed concrete beams cast with high strength concrete. In particular, this experiment investigated the effects of draped strands on shear behavior of these full-scaled beams. This study indicated that the use of draped strands increased the ultimate shear capacity as well as the web-shear cracking load. The test results also showed that draped strands reduced strand slip at ends of beams, which represented that these strands were effective to relieve the anchorage stresses. The test results were compared to predictions by two major codes; ACI 318-02 Building Code and AASHTO LRFD(2002). The shear design provisions in these codes provided conservative results on the shear strengths of all test specimens with reasonable margins of safety, and these provisions were particularly more conservative for test specimens having draped strands.
large prestressed concrete beam;high strenght concrete;shear behavior;draped tendon;tendon slip;
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