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Estimation of Concrete Cover Failure Time Considering the Corrosion Rate in Reinforced Concrete Structures
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 Title & Authors
Estimation of Concrete Cover Failure Time Considering the Corrosion Rate in Reinforced Concrete Structures
Jang, Bong-Seok;
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In lifetime estimation, the FEM analysis method is proposed for predicting corrosion failure time of concrete structures exposed to sea-water. This study shows that the corrosion rate of rebar in artificial pore solution can be transferred to the corrosion rate of rebar in concrete using the relationship between pore volume and concrete volume by Jennings' model. And this study considered the pitting corrosion effects of reinforcement bar on corrosion failure analysis, rebar size to cover depth and nonlinear crack analysis. These analysis results have good accordance with the experimental results of Williamson's work. This methodology can be applied to lifetime prediction procedure of reinforced concrete structures and also gives more reasonable results of concrete cover failure time estimation of reinforced concrete structures exposed to sea-water.
corrosion rate;cover failure time;nonlinear analysis;
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