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A Study on Strength of Plat-Plate Wall-Column Connections
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Strength of Plat-Plate Wall-Column Connections
Lee, Do-Bum; Park, Hong-Gun; Lee, Li-Hyung;
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Flat-plate building systems are utilized extensively for construction of apartments, hotels and office buildings because of short construction period, low floor-to-floor height and flexibility in plan design. Recently, to increase lateral seismic resistance of flat-plate building systems, wall-columns are used frequently. Therefore, to estimate strength of flat-plate column connection accurately, the effect of column section shape on the behavior of flat-plate column connection should be considered properly, In the present study, a numerical analysis was performed for interior connections of continuous flat-plate to analyze the effect of column section shape. For the purpose, a computer program for nonlinear FE analysis was developed, and the validity was verified. Through the parametric study, the variations of shear stress distribution around the connection were investigated. According to the result of numerical analysis, as the length of the cross section of column in the direction of lateral load increases, the effective area and the maximum shear strength providing the torsional resistance decrease considerably. Therefore, these effects should be considered properly to estimate the strength of flat-plate connection accurately.
flat-plate system;flat-plate column connection;strength prediction;FEM analysis;
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