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Empirical Prediction for the Compressive Strength and Strain of Concrete Confined with FRP Wrap
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 Title & Authors
Empirical Prediction for the Compressive Strength and Strain of Concrete Confined with FRP Wrap
Lee, Dae-Hyoung; Kim, Young-Sub; Chung, Young-Soo;
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Previous researches showed that confined concrete with Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) sheets significantly improves the strength and ductility of concrete compared with unconfined concrete. However, the retrofit design of concrete with FRP materials requires an accurate estimate of the performance enhancement due to the confinement mechanism. The object of this research is to predict the compressive strength and strain of concrete confined with FRP wraps. For the purpose of this research, 102 test specimens were fabricated and loaded statically under uniaxial compression. Axial load, axial and lateral strains were investigated to predict the ultimate stress and strain. Also, to achieve reliability of proposed strength and strain models for FRP-confined concrete, another series of uniaxial compression test results were used. This paper presents strength and strain models for FRP-confined concrete. The proposed models to estimate the ultimate stresses and failure strains produce satisfactory predictions as compared to current design equations. In conclusion, it is proposed that the modified stress-strain model of concrete cylinders could be effectively used for the repair and retrofit of concrete columns.
aramid fiber;carbon fiber;glass fiber;confined concrete;modified stress-strain model;
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