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Lattice Shear Reinforcement for Slab-Column Connection Subjected to Unbalanced Moment
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Lattice Shear Reinforcement for Slab-Column Connection Subjected to Unbalanced Moment
Park, Hong-Gun; Kim, You-Ni; Song, Jin-Kyu; Kim, Sun-Kyu; Lee, Chul-Woo;
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A slab-column connection is susceptible to brittle punching shear failure, which may result in the necessity of shear reinforcement. In the present study, to investigate the earthquake resistance of newly developed lattice shear reinforcement, experimental study was performed for interior slab-column connections subjected to cyclic loading. For comparison, specimens with existing shear reinforcement method such as stud rail, shear band and stirrup were also tested. The test result showed that the structural capacity of the lattice shear reinforcement was superior to those of the existing methods and was greater than the code-specified strength. On the other hand, the existing methods did not significantly improve the shear strength of the specimens. The shear strengths of the existing methods were much less than the code-specified shear strength.
slab-column connection;lateral load;lattice;shear reinforcement;ductility;
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래티스 철근 보강 슬래브-기둥 접합부에 대한 주기하중실험,김유니;강수민;박홍근;

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플랫 플레이트 구조에서 전단보강체의 정착성능에 따른 전단보강효과,최창식;배백일;최윤철;최현기;

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