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Flowability and Strength of Cement Composites with Different Dosages of Multi-Walled CNTs
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 Title & Authors
Flowability and Strength of Cement Composites with Different Dosages of Multi-Walled CNTs
Ha, Sung-Jin; Kang, Su-Tae;
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With several different dosages of multi-walled CNTs which was 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5% of the weight of binder, the fluidity in fresh CNT cement composites, as well as the strength and strength development with age of the hardened composites were investigated in this experimental study. The experimental results from flow test indicated that the increase in the dosage of CNTs badly impacted on the workability of fresh composites, and the results from rheological measurements presented the decrease in plastic viscosity and the increase in yield stress according to the amount of CNTs. In addition, the thixotrophy in the flow curve obtained from the rheology test was observed more noticeably in the composites with higher dosage of CNTs. With the experiments on the strength properties, the improvement of both compressive and tensile strengths with the increase of CNTs dosage could be obtained. Moreover, early strength development by adding CNTs was found when it was compared with plain cementious matrix without CNT.
carbon nanotubes;flowability;rheology;compressive strength;tensile strength;
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