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Compressive Behavior of Hybrid Steel Fiber Reinforced Ultra-High Performance Concrete
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 Title & Authors
Compressive Behavior of Hybrid Steel Fiber Reinforced Ultra-High Performance Concrete
Lim, Woo-Young; Hong, Sung-Gul;
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Uniaxial compression tests for ultra-high performance hybrid steel fiber reinforced concrete (UHPC) were performed to evaluate the compressive behavior of UHPC. The UHPC for testing contains hybrid steel fibers with a predetermined ratio using a length of 19 mm and 16 mm straight typed steel fibers. Test parameter was determined as a fiber volume ratio to investigate the effect of fiber volume ratio on the strength and secant modulus of elasticity. Test results showed that the compressive strength and elastic modulus of UHPC increased with increasing the fiber volume ratio. Based on the test results, the compressive strength and modulus of elasticity equations were proposed as function of the compressive strength of unreinforced and fiber reinforced UHPC, respectively. The simplified equations for predicting the mechanical properties of the UHPC were a good agreement with the test data. The proposed equations are expected to be applied to the SFRC and UHPC with steel fibers.
ultra-high performance concrete;steel fiber;stress-strain relationship;compressive strength;modulus of elasticity;
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