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Fracture Behavior of UHPC Reinforced with Hybrid Steel Fibers
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 Title & Authors
Fracture Behavior of UHPC Reinforced with Hybrid Steel Fibers
Lim, Woo-Young; Hong, Sung-Gul;
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In this study, direct tension test for hybrid steel fiber reinforced ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) containing two different steel fibers with a length of 16 and 19 mm was performed to investigate the fracture behavior of UHPC. Test results showed that crack strength and tensile strength, and fracture energy increased with increasing the fiber volume ratio. Based on the test results, the peak cohesive stress at the crack tip, tensile strength, and fracture energy depending on the fiber volume ratio were proposed. The proposed tensile strength of UHPC was suggested as a function of the fiber volume ratio and compressive strength. The peak cohesive stress at the crack tip and fracture energy were also proposed as a function of the tensile strength. The predicted values were relatively agree well with the test results. Thus, the proposed equations is expected to be applicable to UHPC with a compressive strength of 140~170 MPa and a fiber volume ratio of less than 2%.
ultra-high performance concrete;fracture behavior;initial cracking strength;tensile strength;fracture energy;
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