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Anchorage Strength of Headed Bars in Steel Fiber-Reinforced UHPC of 120 and 180 MPa
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 Title & Authors
Anchorage Strength of Headed Bars in Steel Fiber-Reinforced UHPC of 120 and 180 MPa
Sim, Hye-Jung; Chun, Sung-Chul; Choi, Sokhwan;
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Ultra-High-Performance Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (SUPER Concrete) exhibits improved compressive and tensile strengths far superior to those of conventional concrete. These characteristics can significantly reduce the cross sectional area of the member and the anchorage strength of a headed bar is expected to be improved. In this study, the anchorage strengths of headed bars with or embedment length were evaluated by simulated exterior beam-column joint tests where the headed bars were used as beam bars and the joints were cast of 120 or 180 MPa SUPER Concrete. In all specimens, the actual yield strengths of the headed bars over 600 MPa were developed. Some headed bars were fractured due to the high anchorage capacity in SUPER Concrete. Therefore, the headed bar with only embedment length in 120 MPa SUPER Concrete can develop a yield strength of 600 MPa which is the highest design yield strength permitted by the KCI design code. The previous model derived from tests with normal concrete and the current design code underestimate the anchorage capacity of the headed bar anchored in SUPER Concrete. Because the previous model and the current design code do not consider the effects of the high tensile strength of SUPER Concrete. From a regression analysis assuming that the anchorage strength is proportional to , the model for predicting anchorage strength of headed bars in SUPER Concrete is developed. The average and coefficient of variation of the test-to-prediction values are 1.01 and 5%, respectively.
steel fiber-reinforced concrete;headed bar;anchorage strength;embedment length;
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