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Research Trends of Pattern Identification of Korean Medicine Using the Network Analysis
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 Title & Authors
Research Trends of Pattern Identification of Korean Medicine Using the Network Analysis
Jin, Hee-Jeong; Lee, JaeChul; Jang, Eunsu;
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This study aims to analyze Korea`s trend of `pattern identification(PI)` research using network analysis. We selected 368 papers from OASIS (Oriental Medicine Advanced Searching Integrated System) by review of two Korean medicine experts. Network analysis between keyword of PI studies were performed. As a result, number of PI studies has increased over the last 10 years. `Korean journal of oriental physiology and pathology` and `Journal of Korean oriental internal medicine` have published most papers related to PI. As research category, there are 144 papers in the cross-sectional study, and 71 papers in case report study. In the case of randomized clinical trials, there are only 3 papers. In studies for PI, stroke, pattern analysis, and blood stasis were the keywords make up the main network.
Pattern Identification;Korean Medicinel;Trend;Network Analysis;
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