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Depth-map Preprocessing Algorithm Using Two Step Boundary Detection for Boundary Noise Removal
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 Title & Authors
Depth-map Preprocessing Algorithm Using Two Step Boundary Detection for Boundary Noise Removal
Pak, Young-Gil; Kim, Jun-Ho; Lee, Si-Woong;
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The boundary noise in image syntheses using DIBR consists of noisy pixels that are separated from foreground objects into background region. It is generated mainly by edge misalignment between the reference image and depth map or blurred edge in the reference image. Since hole areas are generally filled with neighboring pixels, boundary noise adjacent to the hole is the main cause of quality degradation in synthesized images. To solve this problem, a new boundary noise removal algorithm using a preprocessing of the depth map is proposed in this paper. The most common way to eliminate boundary noise caused by boundary misalignment is to modify depth map so that the boundary of the depth map can be matched to that of the reference image. Most conventional methods, however, show poor performances of boundary detection especially in blurred edge, because they are based on a simple boundary search algorithm which exploits signal gradient. In the proposed method, a two-step hierarchical approach for boundary detection is adopted which enables effective boundary detection between the transition and background regions. Experimental results show that the proposed method outperforms conventional ones subjectively and objectively.
DIBR;Preprocessing;Boundary Noise;View Synthesis;
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