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An Analysis of Factors InFluencing Copyright Protection Decision-Making among Korean eSports Game Users
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An Analysis of Factors InFluencing Copyright Protection Decision-Making among Korean eSports Game Users
Choi, Eui-Yul; Jeon, Yong-Bae;
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The purpose of this study was to examine the factors influencing copyright protection decision-making among Korean eSports game users. Data collection was conducted over a month at an eSports arena located in Seoul. Of the surveys collected, 354 valid data (88.5% of response rate) were analyzed in SPSS Ver. 20.0 through descriptive statistics, correlation and multiple regression analysis. The results showed that copyright protection decision-making regarding eSports contents was significantly influenced by legal/moral norm, perceive group norm, and past habit/behavior. Among the factors, legal/moral norm was found to be the most influential on copyright protection decision-making.
eSports;Copyright Protection Decision-making;Game Contents;
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