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Recognition of Skin Infection and Infection Management Practice on Caregivers in Geriatric Hospital
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Recognition of Skin Infection and Infection Management Practice on Caregivers in Geriatric Hospital
Yang, Seo-Hui; Kweon, Young-Ran;
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Purpose: This study was to investigate the recognition of skin infection (RSI) and management practice (MP) on caregivers in geriatric hospital. Methods: The subjects were 209 caregivers who work at geriatric hospital in G city and J do. Data were analyzed with -test, t-test. and ANOVA using SPSS 18.0 program. Results: Prevalence rate of caregivers` skin diseases was 76.6%. Diagnosis of Skin disease was contact dermatitis 42.5%, scabies 26.9%, and skin xerosis 25.0%. The Mean RSI score was 3.81 and MP was 4.12. In addition, MP was significantly different by number of bed hospitals (F
Skin Infection;Caregivers;Recognition;Infection Management Practice;
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일 권역응급의료센터를 방문하는 요양병원 환자들의 특성 및 사망 위험요인,김경완;장숙랑;

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