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Effects of Clinical Nurses' Resilience on Job Stress and Burnout
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Effects of Clinical Nurses' Resilience on Job Stress and Burnout
Kang, Jenong-Sook; Lim, Ji-Young;
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The purpose of this study was to investigate an effect of resilience of clinical nurses on their job stress and burnout. A convenience sample of 166 subjects were recruited from one general hospital. The mean score of resilience, job stress, burnout were 2.48, 4.00, and 2.98 respectively. The relation between resilience and burnout was effected with the negative correlation. The explanation power of resilience of clinical nurses on burnout was 24.8%. In conclusion, we found that resilience decreased clinical nurse's burnout. From this result, we suggest resilience improvement programs for clinical nurses will be developed and implemented.
Clinical Nurses;Resilience;Job Stress;Burnout;
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