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Development of Measurement Tool for Students with Nurological Problems
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 Title & Authors
Development of Measurement Tool for Students with Nurological Problems
Song, Hong-Jun; Lee, Byung-Kwan; Hyun, Sang-Tae;
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This purpose of study is to develop a dyslexia check list for students in middle and high school. To ensure the contents validity, researching related studies was conducted, and then factors and items were made under the 5 experts advisory. The pilot test was done on 265 students who are in middle and high school. To obtain the reliability, SPSS 21,0 was conducted as exploratory factor analysis and to confirm the goodness of fit test, AMOS 7.0 was done as confirmatory factor analysis. The results of study are as below, firstly, 8 measure factors and 34 items were ensured. Secondly, in exploratory analysis, Crombach ${\alpha}
Dyslexia;Measurement Tool;Content Validity;Exploratory Factor Analysis;Confirmatory Factor Analysis;
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