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A Study on Entrepreneurship Support Systems affecting the Entrepreneurial Intention of the Potential Founder
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A Study on Entrepreneurship Support Systems affecting the Entrepreneurial Intention of the Potential Founder
Im, Gyo-Sun; Jeon, In-Oh;
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The government provides various support systems for small-medium companies who perform a vital role for hiring and manufacturing: focusing on activating of start-up. Various governmental supports have been made and these entrepreneurship support systems have been contributed a certain point to start-up activation. Based on precedent study, this study has been setup the independent variables as five factors: mainly tax support system, financial support system, technology support system, management support system, self-employment infrastructure support program and empirically completed with the hypothesis how independent variables affect entrepreneurial intention. In this study, surveys which consist of measurements and questions allowing drawing variables and verifying the relationship between variables, and empirical study methods that prove in accordance with statistics process of measured data were implemented. To conclude, the results are as follows. It was showed in supplemental analysis performed through path analysis that tax support system and financial support system influence entrepreneurial intention.
Entrepreneurship Support Systems;Entrepreneurial Intention;Tax Support System;Financial Support System;Technology Support System;
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