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Effects of Service Habit on Customer Purchase in a Coffee Shop: Focused on Female University Students
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Effects of Service Habit on Customer Purchase in a Coffee Shop: Focused on Female University Students
Kim, Byoungsoo;
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In the highly competitive coffee market, it is important to understand consumer purchase mechanism. Although consumers repeat decision-making about coffee purchase, most studies on service management do not consider habit construct. This study identifies repurchase intention and service habit as key drivers of comsumer purchase. Moreover, thus study investigates the effects of consumer satisfaction, perceived service quality, and brand awareness on consumer`s purchase behavior. Data collected from 233 female university students were empirically tested against a research model using partial least squares. The analysis results showed that service habit significantly influences comsumer purchase, whereas purchase intention does not affect it. Both consumer satisfaction and brand awareness play an important role on the formation of service habit. Moreover, the results found that perceived service quality significantly affects consumer satisfaction.
Coffee Shop;Service Habit;Consumer Satisfaction;Brand Awareness;Perceived Service Quality;
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