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Effects of Social Network Measures on Individual Learning Performances
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Effects of Social Network Measures on Individual Learning Performances
Moon, Juyoung;
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The purpose of the study is to structure the friendship network by the social network analysis and investigate the effects of social network centrality and learners' performances in college students. Both the in-degree centrality of 1st grade class study-network(t=2.722, P<.005) and the in-degree centrality of and grade class study-network(t=2.708, P<.005)are predicted the individual student's learning performances. But there is no correlation between the in-degree centrality of and grade class entertainment-network and the individual student's learning performances. Results of the study suggested the significant effect of social network analysis measures on learners' performance in the friendship networks. Based on the results, implication to the teaching strategy and future research direction were discussed.
Social Network Analysis;Learning Performances;
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