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Educational Drama Skills to Improve the Expressive Ability of Korean Language
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 Title & Authors
Educational Drama Skills to Improve the Expressive Ability of Korean Language
Park, Hee-Jeong;
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The early stage of Korean language education was to understand grammar. However, recent Korean language education aims to improve expressive ability for smooth communication. Hence, educational drama for education has gained attention as one of the effective ways of improving communication skills. Educational drama provides an actual conversational situation in which one can use appropriate words and grammar depending on the situation. Non-verbal expression such as body language and facial expression could be picked up so one also improves one`s communicative abilities naturally. This means that educational drama shares Korean language education`s goal of improving communicative ability. Moreover, the student becomes the core of the activity and finds solutions through cooperation with others, and this also helps improve social skills and self-esteem. This thesis covers methods of having interviews, re-writing texts to scripts, writing up post-script by imagining the following text, role-playing, and improving expressive ability by debating educational theatrical techniques. To make these activities successful, good quality VOD and learning materials shall be developed and used. Also, efficient training programs shall be created so that teachers make use of what they learn and improve their teaching skills.
Educational Drama;Korean Language Education;Theatrical Technique;Expressive Ability;
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