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Effects in Response to Nature of Selection on Performance Type and Quality of Service Affects to Post Behavior -Focusing on Jeon-ju, Sori Arts Center`s Event Program-
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Effects in Response to Nature of Selection on Performance Type and Quality of Service Affects to Post Behavior -Focusing on Jeon-ju, Sori Arts Center`s Event Program-
Kim, Beom Seok; Jeon, In-Oh;
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Along with economic growth which affects to the overall increase in income level within society, more permissible leisure time, and change in values of the life style directly affected to the more demand of performance arts. The theaters where the performance contents are actually accomplished have been built with various objectives and now there are 232 of performing art theaters are in operation at various locations over the country. The purpose of this research is to identify behavioral factors regarding how the preferable choice were made from the various type of the performance arts, study for the correlation on post behavior customer based on the survey conducted at Sori Art Center. As a result of this research, there were strong correlation were identified between how the preferable choice were made among the various type of performance and Customer`s intend of returning visit /perceivd value. In addition to the aforementioned result, the survey result shows that the excellence of the facility, hospitality level of the staffs, and additional customer services were the meaningful positive factors and user convenience/subsidiary facilities were negative factors to the overall service quality control activities. The research reveals meaningful correlations between quality of the customer service factors and how the preferable choice were made by customer that lead to strategic plan which will increase competitiveness of the Sori Art Center. Extensive research for the Sori Art Center which represents cultural power of the local community would be exemplary case not only for the art centers in metropolitan area but also other local areas within the country.
Performing Art;Sori Artcenter;Service Quality;Perceived Value;Satisfaction;
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