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Study on Convention Transformation Appeared in Bong Joon-ho`s Movie -Mainly with the movie "mother"-
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 Title & Authors
Study on Convention Transformation Appeared in Bong Joon-ho`s Movie -Mainly with the movie "mother"-
Kim, Seong-Hoon;
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If we look into genre movie, we can see that almost similar forms are repeated in a movie. Such similar elements are largely divided into three units from a mass of story to a very small camera angle. Those can be explained as Formula, Convention, and Iconography. Among those three, convention means custom and it is a structure or an incident in which one story can be divided into second one. Convention is an incident visualized in individual genre, and a movie director tunes audiences through the incident. The director leads a familiar story but all of a sudden, he transforms the familiar scene to a new story. As a product established from the beginning of movie history, movie convention helps communication between audiences and a director. Audiences familiarize themselves with movie convention through repeated activities of watching movies, and the director utilizes it to provide audiences with familiarity. Director Bong Joon-ho not only tunes audiences through traditional convention but also creates a new art work through transformation of convention. A study is conducted on how he used traditional convention and transformation to get a new idea and to engage in his work through his work .
Genre Movie;Convention;Transformation;Mother;Character;Point of View;
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