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Materialized View Selection Scheme for enhancing RDF Query Performance
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 Title & Authors
Materialized View Selection Scheme for enhancing RDF Query Performance
Park, Jaeyeol; Yoon, Sangwon; Choi, Kitae; Lim, Jongtae; Lee, Byoungyup; Shin, Jaeryong; Bok, Kyoungsoo; Yoo, Jaesoo;
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With the development of the semantic web, a large amount of data being produced nowadays is in RDF format. RDF is represented by a triple. An RDF database consisting of triples requires the high cost of join query processing. Materialized view is known as a scheme to reduce the query processing cost by accessing materialized views without accessing the database. It is physically stored the results or the intermediate results of the query processing in a storage area. In this paper, we propose a materialized view selection scheme by using decision tree to solve such a problem. The decision tree considers the size and maintenance costs of the materialized view as well as the profit of query response times. It is shown through performance evaluation that the proposed scheme increases the number of materialized views in the limited storage space and decreases the update rates of the materialized views.
RDF;Decision Tree;Materialized View;Shortcut;
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