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The Relationship between Self Esteem and Appearance Management Behavior in North Korean Immigrant Women
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 Title & Authors
The Relationship between Self Esteem and Appearance Management Behavior in North Korean Immigrant Women
Lee, Insook; Yang, Yun-mi;
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The purpose of the study is to investigate baseline data by exploring the self-esteem and general appearance management behavior in North Korean immigrant women. The data were collected from December 2014 to February 2015 from 201 participants. The data were analyzed using SPSS 21.0 program. The followings are the results of the present study. 1) The mean score of self-esteem was 2.40 in 4 points, and the mean of the appearance concern was 3.20 in 5 points. And the mean of general appearance management behavior was 2.67 in 5 points. Subjects had a lot of make-up and clothes behaviors. However exercise, food intake behaviors of subjects were lowerer than average. 2) There were significant differences between self-esteem, the appearance concern and general charateristeics(e.g age, intent weight loss, interest in cosmetic surgery). In general appearance management behavior, there was a significant difference among age, interest in cosmetic surgery and job in North Korea. 3) There was a significant correlation among self-esteem and the appearance concern, general appearance management behavior, age, intent weight control as well as interest in cosmetic surgery. In the appearance concern, it showed a correlation with general appearance management behavior, age, intent weight control as well as interest in cosmetic surgery. In general appearance management behavior, there was a significant correlation among the age, intent weight control and interest in cosmetic surgery. 4) 44.7% of general appearance management behavior was explained: self-esteem, the appearance concern. Therefore, it can be suggested that utilization of developing programs for improving self-esteem and appearance management behavior.
North Korean Immigrant Women;Self-esteem;General Appearance Management Behavior;
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