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Sleep Duration and Suicidal Impulse of Korean Adolescents: Weekday/Weekend Sleep Duration Effects and Gender Difference
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 Title & Authors
Sleep Duration and Suicidal Impulse of Korean Adolescents: Weekday/Weekend Sleep Duration Effects and Gender Difference
Kim, Kyungmi; Youm, Yoosik;
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This study examines the impact of sleep duration on Korean adolescents' suicidal impulse. A gender-based analysis was conducted using binary logistic regression method. The major findings are as follows. First, weekday sleep duration had a significant effect only on male adolescents. Male adolescents who sleep less than seven hours on a weekday are likely to experience suicidal impulse by 1.9 times higher than the others. This effect remained significant even when other relevant variables were controlled. On the other hand, female adolescents who have less than seven hours of sleep on a weekday have about 1.3 times higher chances to experience suicidal impulse. However, this effect became insignificant when other variables such as stress were controlled. Meanwhile, weekend sleep duration did not have any significant effect on both male and female adolescents. By demonstrating the different effects between weekday/weekend sleep duration and male/female adolescents, this study supports the claim that it is necessary to take a social approach in studying sleep duration.
Sleep Duration;Suicidal Impulse;Weekday/Weekend;Gender Difference;
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