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Impact of Musculoskeletal Pain on Pedestrian Crossing among the Aged
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 Title & Authors
Impact of Musculoskeletal Pain on Pedestrian Crossing among the Aged
Um, Ki-Mai; Wang, Joong-San;
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This study attempted to examine the impact of musculoskeletal pain on pedestrian crossing using a sample that consisted of 282 aged people. The research method involved an examination of the musculoskeletal pain of the elderly using a musculoskeletal questionnaire. The subjects were also told to walk across four- and six-lane pedestrian crossings while their gait velocity, step count, and step time were measured. The research results for pain by body regions indicated that waist pain had the highest complaint rate(33.3%). When there was musculoskeletal pain in the waist and leg/foot, gait velocity also decreased and step count and step time increased. However, usage of a cane turned out to have a positive impact on pedestrian crossing. Nevertheless, no significant relationship between waist and leg/foot pain and pedestrian crossing characteristics was found. We expect there will be continuous further studies on the subject of diverse physical problems of the aged and pedestrian crossing.
Musculoskeletal Pain;Pedestrian Crossing;Gait Velocity;Step Count;Step Time;
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