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A Study on Brand Trait Transference to Celebrity Endorser
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Brand Trait Transference to Celebrity Endorser
Lee, Kye Myoung; Kim, Heejin;
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This study examined the effect of brand trait transference under the premise that if the public images of advertisement model have influences on the brand through advertisements, the brand image traits will also affect the advertisement model in reverse. For the external validity of the research, TV commercials as well as print Ads were made for this experiment with currently active real brands and real celebrity endorser through pre-test. Research was conducted with 8 groups which was designed 4 Ad exposure situations(1 control group & 3 brand Ads) X 2 models(celebrity vs non-celebrity). As a result, the effects of brand trait transference were more notably observed in the cases of a noncelebrity endorser than in celebrity endorser. All the brand image traits of selected brands in the experiment(good-natured, of high-class, energetic) were transferred to the noncelebrity endorser, while some selective traits were transferred to celebrity endorser who already had a solid public image.
Brand Trait Transference;Celebrity Endorser;Spontaneous Trait Transfer;Meaning Transfer Model;
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